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Heat Pump Sales and Installation

Controlling your indoor environment is important when living in Dunedin’s erratic climate! And, with concerns about climate change escalating, finding environmentally friendly yet cost-effective home heating solutions is a must.

We believe that heat pumps are the best alternative to fires. But to get the best out of them you need the right type, size and location for your heat pump.

McArthur & Symons Dunedin electricians have extensive experience in advising on, installing and maintaining heat pumps. We will visually inspect the room it is to be installed in to determine what size unit is required to heat or cool the area, and where it should be placed for maximum efficiency. Aesthetics is always taken into account when installing both the external and internal units.

Heat pumps are wired by dedicated circuit back to the switchboard with its own circuit-breaker protection.

Proper maintenance is important to keep your heat pump performing at its best so we offer a regular service call.

Contact us today to discuss how a heat pump will save you time and money, and keep your house cleaner.


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