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Electrical Solutions for Your Office, Restaurant or Shop

Many Dunedin businesses rely on McArthur & Symons when they need help with their electrics.

Whether you have a continually flickering fluorescent light, insufficient power outlets for an expanding team, or inexplicable and inconvenient power outages, our Dunedin electricians are on hand to help.

Even at short notice.

Some of our clients manage rental properties, others deal with floods and emergency situations. They require a fast response from us when they call, and we are always happy to get to the property quickly and sort out the issue swiftly.

Data Cabling

Data cabling is essential in nearly all business premises so our Dunedin electricians are qualified in the installation and connection of data cables and know what best suits your business.

Whether you're installing a network for the first time, or upgrading an outdated version, we can help. Call and talk with us today.

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