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McArthur & Symons Electricians have experience in all areas of domestic electrical work, from moving a light switch to rewiring your entire house. With our electricians in your home, you can be confident that the greatest care will be taken, and all of your electrical needs will be met. Our electricians are also experienced in wiring checks (visual or full), for which you will receive a full report containing information about the wiring in your house, including recommendations of what work should be carried out to bring your house up to present day standard.


McArthur & Symons Electrical Limited employs four full time industrial electricians whom are very experienced at full automation systems and also the older less sophisticated type. We are able to alter PLC programmes or write them from scratch to suit your requirements. Learn more...


We are able to repair all of your commercial electrical problems, from repairing flickering lights to redeveloping an office area. We are well versed at looking after your restaurant's, retail shop or offices of all types. 

Appliance Testing

Getting your appliances tested regularly is important to keep you and your workplace safe. Our electricians are experienced in carrying out electrical testing on appliances, to ensure they meet New Zealand safety standards.

Home Inspections

McArthur Symons Electrical specialise in full electrical house inspections. Our written reports are clear, concise and laid out room by room. If you are buying or selling a house, you need an inspection to know the state of the wiring. Insurance companies are looking long and hard at what they are insuring. With one of our full written reports you know what you are dealing with and can act from an informed position. At your request we can discuss any issues or concerns from the report and price up any remedial work that may be requested.

Workshop Repairs

Is your small appliance not working? We can probably fix it! Contrary to popular belief a lot of appliances are worth repairing! At least let us have a look at it, no charge if we cant fix it but our workshop is well stocked to get your appliances up and running again.

Appliance Sales

Appliance SalesWe stock a number of high quality small appliances available for sale to the public, along with typical electrical accessories such as light bulbs, extension cords, multiboxes etc... Don't forget about our good selection of vacuum dust bags.

We stock:

  • Extension cords (ranging from 1 metre to 30 metres in length)
  • Telephones
  • Multi-Boxes and double adaptors
  • Toasters
  • VacPac vacuum cleaner bags and carpet cleaners
  • Lamps
  • Pudney electronic AV cables
  • Bathroom and general heaters
  • Heated towel rails
  • Clocks
  • Electric Blankets

Data Cabling

Data CablingData cabling has become all but essential in most business places today. Our electricians are certified in the installation and connection of data cables to suit your business. Whether you're installing a network for the first time, or upgrading an outdated version, we can help.

Licensed Security Guards

Rest assured when we install your security alarm our staff know what is required to protect your home or business and we only install quality security alarms for reliability and a proven track record earned over many years of trouble free service.

Key Cutting

Key CuttingWe stock a good range of the most commonly used keys, for your home, car or shed. We also have a range of boxes, hiders and tags for hiding and keeping track of your keys.


Heat Pump Sales and Installation

Heatpump InstallationWith the '4 seasons in one day' weather patterns of Dunedin and the surrounding areas, it's nice to be able to control the temperature you're living in. Our electricians have extensive experience performing installations and maintenance on heat pumps. To get the most out of your heat pump, our electricians will visually inspect the room it is to be installed in. This is to determine what size heat pump is required to heat or cool the area, and where it should be placed for maximum efficiency. Aesthetics will always be taken into account when installing both the external and internal units.

We are also available for the regular serving of your heat pump. If its not kept clean its performance will be severely restricted.

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