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Meet the McArthur & Symons team

Evan Rees


Evan Rees — Managing Director

Evan and his wife Anne bought McArthur & Symons in 2009. Evan had been working for the previous owners for eight years before that, after having run his own highly successful business, Rees Electrical, in Invercargill for a number of years. When he sold up, the family moved to Dunedin where Evan managed another electrical and alarm company before moving to McArthur & Symons. Evan enjoys tramping, skiing, spending time with grandkids and has recently taken up fly fishing again.

Shane Hannigan

Shane Hannigan — Assistant Manager

Shane is our primary estimator and organises our electrical work quotes. He joined us in 2018, after having worked 12 years in the industrial sector of Fonterra and Silver Fern Farms as well as the dairy industry. As a licensed electrical inspector and registered electrician, he also oversees much of our installation work. When he’s not at work Shane likes to go fishing with his kids. Shane loves his sports, an avid Crusaders supporter (sorry Otago), and was chosen to represent NZ in the Disability World Champs of Darts.

PJ and Doug

PJ Turnbull — Senior Servicing and Commercial Jobbing Electrician

It’s a rarity these days for staff members to stay in one place for long, but PJ arrived at McArthur & Symons in 1989, straight out of his apprenticeship, and has never left. He is the company’s most senior electrician, as he can fix almost anything. Initially, he was an installation electrician but moved to commercial servicing because of his excellent time management and customer relations skills. He has represented New Zealand in touch rugby, winning a gold medal in Malaysia in 2019. Still an avid fan of rugby union and enjoys spending time supporting his children in their chosen careers.

Gordon McKay

Gordon McKay — Servicing Electrician

When your lights suddenly go out, or your fusebox throws a hissy fit, Gordon is the servicing electrician who will soon be knocking on your door. He handles upgrades, home wiring inspections for insurance purposes and is McArthur & Symons’ go-to man when something isn’t working as it should. You’ll often hear Gordon whistling away to himself on the job, which matches his happy demeanour. Gordon is an avid guitar player and folk singer.

Keiran Harper

Keiran Harper — Workshop Manager

Keiran is our workshop manager, he has previous experience from being a Locksmith, Storeman, Retail Manager, Logistics and Security, so he is one of our go-to guys for a lot of things. When not being the friendly behind-the-counter face of McArthur & Symons, Keiran is active in Scouts, where he is a cub leader. Keiran is proving to be a keen problem solver who doesn’t mind the hard tasks.

Lyn Haywood

Lyn Haywood — Office Administrator

Lyn is another long-serving McArthur & Symons staff member. She joined the company in 2004 on her return from Rotorua, where she worked for Impact Glass. Born in Mosgiel, Lyn lives there still. Lyn’s role is all about making sure the company runs smoothly. She’s in charge of all the accounts, creditors, payroll, GST and bank reconciliations. Lyn breeds budgies from her home and enjoys attending competitions where she has been quite successful.

Mike Francis

Mike Francis — Industrial Electrician

Mike joined our team in July 2020 and handles our large appliance repairs and industrial maintenance. Coming from Scott Technology and Milmeq, Mike used to work on original equipment manufacturing (OEM), so very knowledgeable in the world automated systems. He also spent several years with Schneider Electrical in the support of automated equipment for the South Island. Mike can be relied on to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Mike is in the process of building a new house and is a great supporter of his family having one daughter at university and the other at school. Mike is very much an Otago man.

Ashton Fawcett

Ashton Wadsworth — Electrician

Ashton is a registered electrician working with a team completing installation work from complete house rewires, installing ranges, spa pools, plugs, lights etc. Ashton always has a smile on his dial. Like lots of New Zealanders, has taken up the passion of seeing New Zealand in a campervan having recently purchased a van to convert to his own.

Sam Strathdee

Sam Strathdee — Electrician

Sam is currently part of our University contracting team, tasked with installation work as and where directed by the University. Sam is very easy-going and charming to boot, he is very obliging in any dealings with clients and colleagues. Sam enjoys spending time with his kids in the weekend.

Craig Davis

Craig Davis — Electrician

Craig is currently also part of our University contracting team. He is our token Australian sparky, spent many years working in the train subways in Sydney, then came to us in contracting and is now at the University where he is more suited to the structured environment. Craig also enjoys spending time with his two young daughters.

Craig Fraser

Craig Fraser — Apprentice Electrician

Craig is currently part of our University contracting team, working as an apprentice. Craig is very quiet and gets on with the job and shows very good skills. Being well over six foot, he gets all the tall, stretchy jobs. Craig is a huge follower of many sports.

Alex Mabon

Alex Mabon — Electrician

Alex is a registered electrician working with a team completing installation work from complete house rewires, installing ranges, spa pools, plugs, lights etc. Alex is originally from Oamaru, he is a very organised electrician, everything in its place and well laid out. He enjoys mentoring and teaching apprentices and in his spare time tinkers around rebuilding motorbikes.

Rachel Forsyth

Rachael Forsyth — Apprentice Electrician

Rachel is in an apprentice in our installation team, she is very knowledgeable and a quick learner, and will make a great tradesperson. She enjoys spending time skateboarding and tending to her tropical fish.

Simon Wightman

Simon Wightman — Electrician

Simon is one of our installation team electricians, working on rewiring and renovation projects. Being off the farm, Simon has always shown great work ethics. When not at work Simon enjoys mountain biking, skiing and socialising with his mates.

Wayne Simpson

Wayne Simpson — Electrician

Wayne is our odd-job electrician, whether its doing heat pump checks or helping out our servicing team, or helping out others when things get really busy. You can rely on Wayne to think a job through thoroughly and spend the time doing it properly. Wayne is a solo parent who looks after his teenage son, and enjoys the occasional outdoor activity.

Charlie Tanada

Charlie Tanada — Apprentice Electrician

Charlie is one of our apprentice electricians, originally from Manila and is showing great potential in his chosen career. He enjoys spending his spare time at the gym working out with weights, singing and dancing in theatre productions, and family time.

Andrew Wall

Andrew Wall — Apprentice Electrician

Andrew is one of our more recent apprentices, learning the ropes with the installation team.  After completing an electrical trades course in Hawkes Bay, he found his true passion and wanted to become an electrician, but jobs were scarce in his hometown so shifted to Dunedin with an offer of employment.

Graeme Abernethy

Graeme Abernathy — Workshop Electrician

Graeme has a world of experience in appliance repairs, having worked at many establishments over the years. There aren’t many appliances he hasn’t fixed or seen. Officially Graeme has retired but still works helping out testing and tagging, and filling in when needed in the workshop.

Jolene Overall

Jolene Overall — Admin Assistant

Originally from Auckland, but due to work opportunities shifted to Dunedin and now proud to call Otago her home. Jolene has a background in marketing administration, working for engineering companies in Australia and New Zealand, she now works part-time which suits her lifestyle. Spends her spare time looking after her family.

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor — Servicing Electrician

Very experienced in petroleum-based equipment, having serviced fuel stations throughout the South Island for fault finding, repairs and installation. Jason is ex-military, he is very organised and meticulous in all that he does. He’s another great go-to guy for repairs, and handy in working out what’s required for future work to pass on to the quoting team.

With all this experience and skill available, McArthur & Symons is your go-to electrical company for any and all of your elelectrical needs. Contact your dunedin electricians.

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